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As a full service tax focussed law firm was can provide support with purchases of real estate in Italy:

Before you purchase

Advice on structure e.g.

  • direct purchase as individuals
  • use of Italian/offshore company
  • purchase via trust
  • purchase through pension fund
  • best operating regime for rental business/agriturismo/B&B/hotel

Advance calculation and estimate of purchase taxes and other fees

Estimate of savings if purchasing as main residence 

Checking of third party rights such as neighbours’ rights of pre-emption, rights of access, servitudes, time-acquired rights such as adverse possession, prescriptive entitlements,  pre-existing mortgages and charges, and rights of third parties, especially heirs of an original owner to challenge title

Liaison with notary, geometra, architect and other professionals

Checking of status of property under planning laws, legality of modifications and planning consent amnesties

Management of risks on off-plan acquisitions/new-build, bank guarantees/performance bonds etc 

Preparation of power(s) of attorney to execute documents on your behalf

Translating and going through the purchase documents in advance with you 

Support with preparing for payment, opening account, escrow services (our client account or the notary’s) exchange rate management

Advice on ownership under Italian law – joint ownership v. separate ownership

Advice on purchases of bare legal ownership “nuda proprieta”, usufrutto and other interests in land

As you purchase

Acting as your attorney to sign documents, that we have agreed in advance,  on your behalf avoiding need for a translator to be present at completion and any last minute surprises

Support with application for residence at the Comune (town hall/local authority)

After the purchase

Advice on tax residence as a result of purchase and estimate of income tax/wealth tax liabilities as a resident, international tax planning. interaction of Italian and foreign tax systems

Preparation/assistance with suppliers – geometra, architect, construction company and materials suppliers ensuring the proper contracts are in place and establishing tax treatment

Helping you to manage local property and refuse taxes

Assisting with tax compliance, reporting and payment of taxes on rental income

Help with tax deductions for property refurbishment work

Advice with succession and inheritance tax – preparation of wills/trusts – optimising your estate

All explained in plain English!

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